Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting

Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting

If you’ve been thinking you would like to try a new way to hunt spring turkeys this year, then head on out to California for a challenging hunt with a pellet gun. That’s right, pellet guns. The air guns that have gained tremendous popularity in recent years are legal to hunt Turkeys with in California, and it looks like a ton of fun. The video above shows some great pellet gun turkey hunting and how to get started.

Pellet gun turkey hunting has some benefits over using a shotgun or bow. For one, it’s safer. If you miss with a pellet, chances are it won’t go as far and it certainly won’t do as much damage. That’s not to say it isn’t still dangerous, but it can be safer. It also offers a better chance at a clean kill than a bow. You shoot these turkeys in the head, and if you hit them, they will die. If you don’t, you miss cleanly and they go on to live another day.

Legal to Hunt Turkeys with a Pellet Gun in California

The challenge is another great reason to try turkey hunting with a pellet gun. Sometimes hunters are not satisfied with using shotguns, so they try archery equipment, this is along the same lines. Most pellet gun hunters use a blind since they need to get the birds in close, but if you did run and gun with a pellet gun, that would be a very challenging hunt.

Watch the Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting Video

Fast forward to 2: 57 seconds to see the first kill but in the video above, the Airgun Hunters take their spring limit of turkeys with a pellet gun in California. It is legal to hunt turkeys with an air gun there and many of these air guns are as powerful as a .22 rifle.

Let us know what you think of pellet gun turkey hunting or if you’ve ever heard of any other crazy hunts. Get the latest turkey gear advice like the 5 best new turkey calls of 2014 right here on MorningMoss where you can always find the best hunting, fishing and outdoor news. 

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