Pelican 1750 Long Case Review

Pelican 1750 Long Case Review

Pelican 1750 Long case review

The Pelican 1750 Long case is a sturdy, durable gun case that is waterproof, dust proof and crush proof.

People don’t put bumper stickers on Bentleys and you shouldn’t put your expensive rifle or shotgun in a fabric sleeve. For years, hunters have been using the cheapest gun cases that they can find for their expensive firearms without a second thought, but why? Too many guns have been broken by doing this so we want to introduce you to the Pelican 1750 Long Case

Pelican Hard Gun Case Review

Pelican Gun Case

Pelican’s line of gun cases include great options for long and short guns and all are available with protectant foam on the interior.

The Pelican 1750 Long gun case is a hard plastic, crush-proof case built by Pelican that can withstand anything that you can throw at it. The case is a hard plastic that is said to be crush proof and is also waterproof and dust proof. It feels extremely solid and the hinges easily open and latch tightly.

Pelican Gun Case Review

pelican gun cases

All latches on the Pelican 1750 Long Gun Case tightly seal to keep out water and dust.

The foam also comes with the case and you can choose to put your own in as well. It needs to be cut to your gun, but you can easily fit more than one weapon in this case. While the case is designed for longer guns, it is 50.5 inches long, it is great for carrying two firearms on a hunting trip.

The Best Travel Gun Case

travel gun case

Pelican’s travel gun cases are easy to transport and will keep your guns safe on an airplane.

While the 1750 Long Case is a bit heavy at 26 pounds, you can easily keep it under the 50 pound airline limit with nearly any gun. There are latches where you can lock the case for the airlines and you will not need to worry about the guns being damaged in this heavy duty case.

Crush-Proof Gun Case

Moving the case is simple too and the wheels are sturdy and roll very nicely. We love this case and are sure to find plenty of uses for it and will continue to use it as our primary traveling case.

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