Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket Review

The Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket is a quality 650 fill down jacket that is waterproof and has ripstop fabric.

Outdoor Research Jacket Review

Tough, rugged, outdoor jackets built for the ski hill, hiking in the mountains or for every day wear are hard to find. You need them to be waterproof, not tear easily if you take a fall or catch a branch and of course, look cool. The Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket qualifies with all of these and is a winter coat that offers people who want to be outside in the snow everything they need. The insulated 650 fill down jacket is warm, lightweight and able to withstand any nasty fall on the slopes. Check out the full Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket Review here. You can find the Stormbound jacket and more on their website as well. 

Stormbound Jacket Review

Stormbound Jacket Review

The material on the Outdoor Research Stormbound jacket won’t tear from sticks or a hard fall on the hill.

I love down jackets and have owned several of them, but they pose some real problems. The first is that many of them are not fully water proof and get ruined when they get wet. Another is that they rip easily, hence, why I don’t have one anymore. The Outdoor Research Stormbound jacket eliminates these problems. I love to ski and hike in the winter and catching the jacket on a stick or falling could easily tear a normal down jacket. The Stormbound is a 650 fill down coat, but comes with a harder outer shell that is beefy and will certainly be able to stand up to a stick or fall. The ripstop nylon of the Stormbound is also waterproof and will repel water, snow and other elements that traditional down coats won’t.

Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket

Waterproof Down Jacket

Pockets are plentiful in the Stormbound jacket and you have plenty of space to carry goggles, phones and music players.

Pockets are plentiful in this jacket and are very strategically placed. There are two large interior mesh pockets, perfect for goggles or other items and an interior electronic pocket on the right side which is great for a phone or iPod. There is also a small pocket on the left chest with a headphone port as another option. Two large hand warmer pockets with fleece are there and there are big heavy zippers on all that are sure to be able to last a long time. I was really impressed with the zippers that shouldn’t break or stick and are easy to grab with gloves on.

Outdoor Research Waterproof Down Jacket

hooded down jacket

The Outdoor Research Stormbound jacket is long enough to prevent snow from coming into your back.

If you get too warm hiking, skiing or whatever other activity that you’re doing, you can zip the vents under both arms and sides. These work great and really help cool you down. The jacket is very warm and Outdoor Research has placed Thermocore synthetic insulation in the right spots to keep your body insulated. The Pertex Shield of the jacket is waterproof and still breathable and will prevent you from getting wet and cold.

Down Jacket for Hiking, Skiing and Outdoor Sports

OR Stormbound Jacket

The hood on the Stormbound jacket is large enough to go over a ski helmet and has a stiff brim that blocks out the sun.

Skiers, snow boarders, snowmobilers and other hardcore winter sport enthusiasts will love the LockDown powder skirt, helmet compatible hood and Recco reflector for added safety. I can easily fit my ski helmet under the hood and the brim is stiff and sticks out enough to block out some sun. When you do fall, that skirt under the jacket keeps the snow from getting at you and will save you for plenty more hours on the hill.

Stylish Down Ski Jacket

Outdoor Research Logo

The Stormbound jacket from Outdoor Research are very stylish and perform well.

Lastly, the jacket is stylish. I’d wear it to the movies, I’d wear it to work, hell, I’d wear it anywhere. In Wisconsin, it gets cold and we need warm jackets. This one is warm without sacrificing style, detail, and won’t make you look like a marshmallow. The Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket review shows that this is a solid choice for any outdoor activity and won’t break the bank.

Outdoor Research Infinite Guarantee

Pertex Shield

Pertex Shield from Outdoor Research is warm and waterproof.

Outdoor Research has an Infinite Guarantee. This means that their products are guaranteed forever. If you rip it, they replace it. That’s impressive. I can’t think of a better choice for winter apparel that you’re tough on or that will last a long time.

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OR Snow Skirt

The snow skirt prevents the snow from going up your back and melting to create a cold wet mess.

You can purchase the Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket on their site right here for $495.

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