Rugged, Grizzly Proof & Virtually Indestructible Cooler for Hunting & Fishing

Orion 65 Cooler Review

orion cooler review

Orion coolers are made in the USA, Grizzly Bear Proof and keep ice for over a week. What more do you need?

Camping, hunting, fishing and hiking all require some heavy duty gear, especially if you’re pushing the limits of the terrain you’re in. For times like these, you need gear that is up to the challenge and Orion Coolers are that type of gear. Check out their premium cooler website. 

Orion Cooler Review

bear proof cooler

Orion coolers are bear proof and come with a padded top so sitting on them is very comfortable.

Grizzly proof, easily transported and large enough to hold quartered big game, large fish or feed for a week are just a few of the benefits you’ll find with an Orion Cooler. We tried out the Orion 65 Cooler, aptly named for it’s size (65 quarts). Hunting camps and backcountry fishing trips require a cooler that will keep ice for a week and are large enough to hold your meat and this cooler is the one for the job.

Orion Premium Coolers

cooler with bottle opener

The Orion 65 cooler comes with four bottle openers on the sides for easy opening.

There are plenty of premium coolers on the market these days but the Orion cooler lineup is unique. First off, they come in some really cool camo colors that will keep your food cold AND make it look good.

Hunting Cooler

Each Orion Cooler also includes YakAttack gear tracks on the side. This can allow users to add fishing rods, cell phone clips and fish finders. There are also six tie down points on the cooler to securely attach it to planes and vehicles and four of these tie downs are bottle openers on the corners of the cooler. These bottle openers are a great feature for tail gate parties and more and won’t ever leave you without an option to open a beer.

Hunting and Fishing Cooler

The hinges are built well and the latches of the cooler open easily and don’t stick like other brands do. The best part about the cooler though, is the fact that it is grizzly bear proof and meets all certification criteria.

Bear Proof Cooler

As if you needed any more reasons to buy the Orion cooler, you have more. There is a pad on the top that makes sitting on it comfortable and the convenient rope handles make it super day to carry.

Every Orion cooler is made in the USA and has at least two inches of insulation on the sides to keep your food and drinks ice cold for a long, long time.

Buy your own Orion Cooler on their website here.

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