Opening Weekend Wisconsin Duck Hunt- User Submission

Opening Weekend Wisconsin Duck Hunt

opening day weekend duck hunt

The opening weekend of the Wisconsin duck hunt fared well for these guys

This weekend was the opening weekend of the southern Wisconsin duck hunt and I managed to get out with some friends on Beaver Dam Lake. We shot eight ducks and one goose on Saturday, which if you looked at the percentages of shells shot to kills, we’d be doing extremely poor. None the less, it was a great weekend and a ton of fun. Check out more photos from the weekend hunt below.

Beaver Dam Lake Duck Hunting

beaver dam lake sunrise

Sunday morning was cold and crisp and there was plenty of shooting going on when the hunting opened.

It was really cold out on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday it rained and was around 40 degrees, but the action was pretty good where we were and we saw quite a few ducks. Sunday was around 35 degrees in the morning but was calm and you really couldn’t ask for a nicer morning.

Wisconsin Duck Hunt

Dead Ducks

Here are some of the ducks that we shot on Saturday Morning

Hopefully this coming weekend will be nice and cool as well so that we can have some more action. I’ve never gone duck hunting opening weekend when it’s been lower than the 70’s so it was a real nice experience.

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