Opening Day Wisconsin Black Bear Bow Kill- User Submission

Opening Day Wisconsin Black Bear Bow Kill

WI Black Bear Kill

Zac Dombrowski shot this 200 pound sow in Northern Wisconsin on the opening day of bear season- September 3, 2014

Zac Dombrowski had been waiting a long time for this and when he got his chance, he didn’t waste it. Zac shot this 200 pound sow in Northern Wisconsin North of Rice Lake on Opening Day of bear season. The bear wandered in on September 3 to Zac’s bait pile that he’d been baiting with donuts and other sugary treats. Zac’s arrow flew and the rest is history. Click through for more story and pictures.

WI Black Bear Archery Hunt

WI Bear Kill

The bear came in to the bait pile which was full of donuts and other sweets

The bear came in to 30 yards before Zac shot it with his 1.5 inch Rage broadheads. The bear didn’t make it another 20 yards before it tipped over. Great Job Zac and congrats on a great Wisconsin Black Bear Kill. 

Bear Hunting Bow Kill in Wisconsin

Each year the state of Wisconsin opens bear hunting season in the beginning of September. It rotates between dogs and baiting on which type of hunting is allowed the first week. This year was baiting. It can take up to 7 years for Wisconsin residents to earn a black bear tag with the current point system.

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