Olympia RG850 Flashlight Review

Olympia RG850 Flashlight Review

Olympia RG850 Review

The Olympia RG850 is a high-quality flashlight that is durable, waterproof and incredibly bright.

A flashlight is the tool that a lot of outdoorsmen forget about, until they truly need one. It can be the most important piece of gear in your bag and can save your life if the circumstances are dire. Most likely, it’s going to help you track an animal, find your tent or help you get safely up a trail. However, if we are attacked by zombies and you need a flashlight that can withstand anything, then the Olympia RG850 flashlight is the one I’d pick.

Olympia RG850 Flashlight

Olympia Flashlight Review

Olympia has always made great flashlights but the RG850 is really impressive and is one that you should definitely try if you want the best there is in brightness.

Built out of aircraft grade aluminum, the Olympia RG850 is rugged, yet not super heavy. It is completely waterproof, impact resistant and even has an anti-freeze non slip grip so you wont drop it with or without gloves. It weighs six ounces, very reasonable for how durable this light is.

  • The Gear: Olympia RG850 Flashlight
  • Price: $89.99
  • Where to test it: The dark woods, homes or anywhere that needs light
  • Who’s it for?: Tactical shooters, campers and hunters who want a good tracking light
  • Where to buy?: Olympia Website or Amazon or other sporting goods stores

Olympia Flashlight Review

Bright Waterproof Flashlight

Able to be submerged completely underwater and still work, the Olympia RG850 flashlight is an outdoorsman’s dream light and won’t break down when you need it most.

You can use this Olympia flashlight with five different light settings that include high, middle, low and a strobe and SOS setting for emergencies. The flashlight puts out 850 lumens, which is very, very bright. We were able to light up our tent easily and tracking deer and elk with this thing is going to be a real game changer. The level of brightness this compares to is a beam distance of 389 meters, so pretty Freaking far.

Waterproof Olympia Flashlight

The flashlight is lightweight and comes with a nice belt clip so that you can keep it right at your side. The kit that comes with the Olympia RG850 flashlight includes a micro USB charging port so you can recharge the battery in any type of situation that you may need.

Most Durable Flashlight

Best Olympia Flashlight

The RG850 from Olympia comes with a wall charger and a USB charger and even a handy carrying case that makes it easy to transport your light.

My favorite part about the flashlight is the ultra durability. I’m tough on these things and the fact that I can go hiking through the woods, bust it against rocks, drop it under water and it’ll still light up, makes me very happy. I know that I’m going to really put this thing to use in the next year and I’m looking forward to using the Olympia RG850.

Incredibly Bright and Affordable Flashlight

If for some reason you do break your flashlight, this one comes with a two-year warranty, so you can simply ship it back for a new one. You can buy your Olympia RG850 flashlight for $89.99 here on Amazon or their website, where you can find more great Olympia flashlights.

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