Noodle Match Set Shed Antler- User Submission

Noodle Match Set Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese Shed Antler

Kelsey Gese found this matched set with her 13 week old poodle partner in training in Minnesota during #ShedRally 2015.

With #ShedRally this weekend we’ve seen some awesome antlers turn up in our inboxes. While most of the Midwest had a decent amount of snow still, there were still some die-hard shed hunters out there who managed to pick up some bone, including this matched set off of a buck called Noodle in Minnesota.

Dead Heads & No Sheds

Dead Deer

Unfortunately, many dead deer are found by shed hunters every year when they comb the woods for antlers.

Kelsey Gese had been putting in some miles this year already but had not been able to find any sheds, just the unfortunate dead deer and skulls with antlers already removed. Her luck changed though on Saturday when she decided to quickly take a walk after doing some chores at home.

Nice Day Leads to Big Surprises

MN Shed Antler

Kelsey found the first shed of the matched set just off of her paved walking path behind her home in Minnesota.

The weather was too nice for her to wait an extra hour for her husband to get home, so she walked behind the house and found a shed antler right next to the paved path! At first she thought it was a joke, but soon realized that this was where the deer shed the antler. She let her 13 week old poodle (shed dog in training) snatch it up to get some practice in and texted her husband a picture.

Kelsey continued her search for an additional 30 minutes for the other side before calling her husband. While on the phone with him, she found the other side just a short ways up the trail.

Matched Set Saves the Season

big shed match

The second antler was found just up the trail not far from the first side.

After a rough start to her shed hunting season, these great finds were enough to rejuvenate Kelsey, as they should be. They were off of a buck that they called Noodle and they’ll be able to enjoy that deer for another year.

Noodle Buck

Both of the antlers were from this buck pictured that they had nicknamed “Noodle”.

Congratulations Kelsey on the great find. Be sure to share this photo on Facebook and Twitter and check out more Shed Antler Photos from out Shed Photo Contest. 

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