Newest Bowtech Bow- RPM 360

Bowtech RPM 360

Bowtech RPM 360

The Bowtech RPM 360 is the newest bow from Bowtech and shoots an astonishing 360 fps

Bowtech released their latest bow today at the Archery Trade Association show and it’s BIG news. It is the fastest flagship bow that they have ever produced and the newest Bowtech bow can shoot up to an unbelievable ITO/ATA speed of, you guessed it, 360 feet per second.The Bowtech RPM 360 is the latest of 2014 and is going to be tough to beat. 

Newest Bowtech Bow

Bowtech says that the bow is incredibly fast, without sacrificing any of the features that you’ve come to expect from them. It features the Center Pivot Extreme and OverDrive Binary Cam technologies. The new Bridge Lock Pocket improves precision and accuracy and the trapezoidal I beam riser gives the bow unsurpassed strength and balance. I think the Bowtech RPM 360 looks good and is going to be a force in this year’s bow lineup.

Bow Shoots 360 FPS!

The RPM 360 bow is available in 50, 60 and 70 pound draw weights and weighs in at 4.4 pounds. With an 80% let off and a draw length of 24-30 inches, anyone can shoot this too.

We know that there is going to be a ton of cool new products out this year, but the RPM 360 from Bowtech is going to be at the top of the list of things to check out in the hunting industry. We’ll be sure to let you know about the newest hunting products of 2014 as they come so follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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