New World Record Perch Caught

New World Record Perch Caught

world record perch

Tia Wiese caught this 2 pound 11.68 ounce perch in Idaho and it is now the new world record perch caught on a tip-up. Photo from KVTB.

It’s not often that you see a pan fish this big, but as soon as you take one look at this perch, you know it’s something special. The new world record perch caught by a tip-up through the ice was actually caught last March, but has just been named the new world record! This new world record perch was caught by a 12 year old girl named Tia Wiese, of Lake Cascade, Idaho. The story on how it is now surfacing is very cool.

12 Year-Old Girl Catches World Record Fish

Recently, Tia’s father Gary visited the freshwater fishing hall of fame in Wisconsin and saw that the perch his daughter caught last year was the largest perch ever caught through the ice. They all knew the fish was big, but didn’t realize it was a world record perch.

World Record Perch Caught

Tia’s perch weighed 2 pounds 11.68 ounces. This beat the old record of 2.6 pounds by a lot. This is for a perch caught by a tip up through the ice. The paperwork was submitted confirming it was an official weight and now Tia is the proud holder of the new world record perch!

World Record Perch

Congratulations to this young lady and her father. Hopefully she’ll continue to catch big fish ice fishing.

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