New Wisconsin Panfish Regulations Released

New Wisconsin Panfish Regulations

New WI Panfish Regulations

During the 2016-2017 fishing season, Wisconsin anglers will have to adhere to new bag limits for panfish on 94 Wisconsin lakes

Panfish anglers in Wisconsin will have to get used to some new regulations on bag limits on some lakes during the 2016-2017 seasons. The Wisconsin DNR has released one of three panfish regulations that will be applied to 94 lakes in the state and then evaluated. The regulations are in place to address underperforming lakes and then will be applied to more in the future after they’re tested.

New Wisconsin Panfish Limits

The daily limits on the lakes will be one of the following forms:

    • 25/10 This rule means that a total of 25 panfish may be kept per day, but you may not keep more than 10 of any one species.
    • Spawning season 15/5. This rule means that a total of 25 panfish may be kept per day except during May and June. During that period (spawning) only 15 panfish may be kept but no more than five of any one species.
    • The final rule is the 15/5 rule. This means that a total of 15 panfish may be kept per day but never more than five of one species.

Wisconsin Panfish Regulations 2016-2017

The rules will be different based on the lake and will be evaluated for 10 years (2026) unless it is decided that the changes stay permanent. They will go into effect prior to the 2016-2017 fishing season.

I for one and a big fan of these rules and hope that it will curb some of the over-fishing in may Wisconsin pan fishing lakes. How do you feel about the new rules and how will it affect your fishing?

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