Mystery Tackle Box Panfish Option

Mystery Tackle Box Panfish Review


Mystery Tackle Box Panfish

The panfish option of the mystery tackle box includes many different plastics, hooks, bobbers and lures.

We’ve talked about the Mystery Tackle Box product before here and love the idea that the subscription tackle box service offers fishing enthusiasts. Last time, we check out the bass fishing mystery tackle box and now they’ve added another option, the panfish box. 

Mystery Tackle Box Review

Panfish Tackle Box

All of this is only $15 with a subscription to Mystery Tackle Box- panfish option.

The monthly fishing tackle box service automatically sends you a “mystery box” full of fishing tackle once a month. The panfish option offers a wide array of different products, between 5 and 7, and all are very multi-use. The box that I received was loaded with goodies like bobbers, jigs, two “lures” and several bags of different types of plastics.

Mystery Tackle Box for Panfish

Bluegill, perch, crappie and any other panfish will be targeted with this option from Mystery Tackle Box. A big bonus is that many of these baits can be used for ice fishing as well, so if you like to fish hard water, you’re set with the panfish box.

Fishing Tackle Box Subscription Service

At only $15 a month, Mystery Tackle Box is a fun gift idea or surprise present for any avid fisherman. Each box comes with a sticker, card that details the different products in the box and a booklet of some fishing tips and articles.

Panfish Lures

You can purchase your subscription to Mystery Tackle Box here on their website.

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