Muddy Outdoors Safeguard Harness: Product Review

Muddy Safeguard Harness

Muddy Safeguard Harness

The Muddy Safeguard Harness is a great tree stand harness that will last a long time and make your hunting experience safer and more enjoyable.

Safety is everything when it comes to hunting and the Muddy Safeguard tree harness is the best product you can purchase for safety in the tree stand. I know a few people who have fallen out of their tree stand before and it never turns out good. Falling out of a tree stand is an easily preventable occurrence and one that every hunter should be prepared for. The Muddy Safeguard tree harness is available at for around $100. 

Muddy tree stand harnessThe Muddy Safeguard harness is very lightweight and non-restrictive compared to other full body harnesses. The leg straps in the harness are extremely comfortable and don’t restrict your blood flow at all being on stand all day. The more comfortable that you are on the stand, the longer that you’ll be able to sit out and the better the chance you have at killing a big buck. One of my favorite features are the integrated straps to hold your binoculars and range finder. This puts your hunting tools in a place that is quiet and easy to reach when you need them.

Muddy Safeguard Harness Review

Muddy Safeguard

The Muddy Safeguard harness comes with a lineman’s rope for easy stand hanging

The Muddy Safeguard harness also comes with a lanyard and lineman’s rope, great for hanging tree stands safely. The lineman’s rope allows you to use both of your hands while hanging a tree stand making things much easier and safer. A detailed instructional video is also included that will show you how to use your harness and lineman’s rope step-by-step.

Don’t skimp on safety this fall, make sure you pick up a tree stand harness and the Muddy Safeguard is a fantastic choice.

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