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Mountain Mike’s Soaps and Lip Balm

Mountain Mike's Soap Review

Mountain Mike’s carries a full line up of outdoor smelling soaps and lip balms.

The outdoors are fun and nothing makes you feel more alive, but they can also be messy. Men need the spirit of the wild to thrive in their native environment, but that doesn’t mean that when they’re done they can’t clean up. If you’re an outdoor lover who wants to come in from the outdoors and not use any sissy smelling flower soaps, but still want to get clean, then Mountain Mikes is for you.

Man Smelling Outdoor Soaps

Mountain Mike Review

The soaps at Mountain Mike’s are high quality and smell and clean great.

Some side effects of being outside include scratched body parts, dirty fingers, sweaty clothing and chapped lips. Mountain Mikes has thought of all of these problems with their full line of soaps and lip balm. The soaps are all hand made in small batches and come in several amazing outdoorsy “MAN” scents including: Beer and Thyme, Oats ‘N Almonds, Okey Dokey Hinoki, Dyin’ Fire, Weed Soap, Wood Soap and Brambleberry Soap. The wood soap and fire soaps smell very similar to a campfire and the smells of the great outdoors, except that you’re clean as a whistle.

Man Smelling Soaps

Mike’s also has a bunch of lip balm that works much better than the stuff you’ll find at your favorite store’s checkout line. We all know how sunburned, wind burned and chapped lips can get from being out in the hear and cold, but Mike’s Mighty Crack Buster Lip Balm cures it all. There are a bunch of flavors of this as well including my personal favorite, Yeti Milk.

Mike’s Dyin’ Fire Soap smells like a burning smokey campfire and the Wood Shop Soap smells like fresh cut 2X4’s. The best soap is the Camper’s Soap which has citronella and other herbs in it that helps keep mosquitos away when you’re outside.

Men Lip Balm

Mountain Mike’s is a stellar small business that is doing things the right way. The company is producing a quality product that works well and is very affordable. You can buy the outdoors lip balm for only $2.99 here on his site. Mountain Mike’s Outdoor Soaps are available for $5.50 here.

Mountain Mike’s Products

Check out all of the products on Mountain Mike’s website and let us know what you think. Smell like a real man again.
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