Stay Connected Anywhere with these Motorola 2-Way Radios

Motorola Talkabout MU350 Radio Review

Motorolla Talkabout MU350 Review

The Motorolla Talkabout MU350 Review shows that these are not your average walkie talkies of the past.

Do you remember the old days before cell phones? The ones where you needed a walkie talkie to communicate with your hunting buddies. You never had to worry about the batteries dying and if you got bored, you could listen in on what the neighbors were seeing. Well, those days are back, but way better with these state-of-the-art radios from Motorolla, the Motorola Talkabout MU350 Radio. 

The Best Walkie Talkies Ever

Motorolla Talkabout Review

With a range of up to 35 miles, the Motorolla Talkabout MU350 is a great tool for survival while in the outdoors.

The Motorola Talkabout MU350 radios allow you to have affordable and dependable communication in any situation. Whether you’re hunting with friends, hiking where there’s no cell service or just want a backup communication system, these radios have got you covered.

  • The Gear: Motorola Talkabout MU350 Radio
  • Price: $115
  • Where to test it?: Outdoors, survival situations, anywhere up to 35 miles which is their range
  • Who’s it for?: Backpackers, Hikers, Hunters, Survivalists and Fishermen
  • Where to Buy?: Amazon here 

Motorola 2-Way Radio Review

Motorolla Walkie talkies

Hunting, hiking or a survival kit make the Motorolla MU350 the perfect 2-way radio.

Bluetooth enabled for any device and with a range of 35 miles, these “walkie talkies” are a serious outdoor tool. In a survival situation, these things will be able to keep you connected at long distances and the batteries last twice as long as traditional radios.

Motorola MU350 Review

You’ll also have up to 22 channels to choose from so your neighbors will have a hard time finding your station.

Where to Buy Motorola MU350

Check them out on Amazon here for around $115 for the pair. Check out the full Motorola MU350 specs here. 

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