Moose Spotted in Iowa

Moose Spotted in Iowa

Iowa Moose

A Moose was spotted in Stanwood Iowa on Tuesday, March 4. Photo by Dan Gottschalk via Twitter

Sources have confirmed that a moose has been spotted in Iowa on Tuesday, March 4th. The Cedar County Sheriffs office has said that a moose was seen and photographed in Stanwood, IA this week. The Iowa DNR believes that the moose came down from the north and is roaming the state. When the officials were asked if they had ever seen anything like it, their answer was a most certain “No”.

Stanwood, IA Moose Sighting

Stanwood, IA is located NorthWest of the Quad Cities and West of the Mississippi River. The Moose would have had to have come from Minnesota or Canada most likely.

This is an incredibly cool scenario that is sure to get a lot of people excited. Just imagine if this was a bull elk, I can’t tell from the picture but it looks to be a cow, and you found the sheds randomly this spring?!? What would anyone even think of something ┬álike that?

Either way, I’d love the chance to see a moose and who knows how long it will be around or why it came down. In any case it makes for a great story.

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