Moose Seen in Northwest Wisconsin

Moose Seen in Northwest Wisconsin


While it is fairly uncommon in Wisconsin, moose sometimes do wander down from Minnesota or Michigan. However, they typically do not venture as far south as Bloomer, but this one was an exception. A moose was seen in Northwest, Wisconsin and many people got some great photographs of it as well as trail camera pictures. The moose was spotted nine miles north of Colfax, Wisconsin.

Bloomer, WI Moose Spotted

WI Moose Sighting

Wildlife biologists from the state say that people reported the moose on their trail cameras this weekend and they believe it is the same moose in all of the pictures and that it’s traveling alone.

Bloomer WI Moose

This photo was taken of a moose in Bloomer, WI. Bloomer is in the Northwest part of the state.

Are there Moose in Wisconsin?

Generally when moose are seen in Wisconsin it is near the Minnesota or Michigan borders and they don’t venture this far south. The Wisconsin DNR has said that if you see a moose, not to approach it.

What a cool site and hopefully, someday there will be more moose sightings in the state.

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