Monster Lake Trout Caught Through Ice on Video

Near World Record Lake Trout Caught

This video that is about 2 weeks old has been getting a lot of attention across the web and for good reason. The father/son team were able to catch this monster lake trout and get it all on video. The fish measured 43.75 inches long and was short of the world record that measures 46 inches long for a catch and release lake trout. This is one of the biggest, monster lake trout caught through the ice ever and these guys managed to get it on video.

While this fish is not that close to beating the world record, it’s an amazing trophy and memory that we’re guessing will be hanging on the wall of their living room or basement soon. The fisherman that caught it obviously knew what he was doing and had barely hooked the lip of the fish with one treble.

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PJ Cashman

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