Monster Buck Speared & Killed on VIDEO

Buck Speared on Video

I don’t know much about spear hunting, or even where it is legal, but this video is pretty cool. There’s no need to watch the whole thing, but if you want to see a giant buck, seriously get speared, this is it. This buck came out on the hunter’s first sit of the season and he sent a spear through it and it didn’t make it very far. The deer hasn’t even shed all of it’s velvet yet. Jump over to 4:10 to start watching and see the kill at 4:20.

Big Buck Spear Kill

I have never seen anything like this video and I’m guessing that this is not a common way to kill monster bucks. First off, shooting a bow and drawing back is tough, so I can’t even imagine winding up to throw a spear hard enough to kill a big mature buck!

Deer Hunting with a Spear

The hunter obviously knew right where to put it though and had practiced enough so that he could throw without getting the deer’s attention. Kudos to him on this great buck.

Have you ever seen a buck speared on video? This would be an epic way to kill a big deer. Check out more Hunting and outdoor news and cool hunting videos on MorningMoss.

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