Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow review

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow is an affordable, fast bow that will exceed your expectations.

Crossbows have been gaining popularity across the country for many deer hunters and they are more widely available than ever before. That being said, there are certainly some that are better packaged, priced and more reliable than others. Misson, based out of Sparta, WI, is one of the companies building affordable, quality crossbows that work for any hunter on any game. The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow is the lightest crossbow that Mission has ever produced and still propels bolts at an incredible 310 FPS.

Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow Packages

Mission Crossbow Review

There are several different packages available for the Mission Sniper Lite crossbow and all offer different optics and accessories.

Available in four different packages, the Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow can work with many different types of hunters. The basic, hunter, pro and red dot all include the crossbow, but differ regarding the quiver and the quality of the scope included. Obviously, the better the package, the better the scope. The red-eye package offers a red-eye scope, so be sure to check out your local hunting regulations before purchasing.

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Speed

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Speed

At 310 feet per second, the Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow can fling a bolt fast enough for any big game.

Mission’s latest crossbow is no slouch in the speed department. This bow puts out speeds up to 310 feet per second. This means that on a 400 grain bolt, the bow will put out 85 ft. lbs of energy. There are certainly crossbows on the market that are faster, but this is plenty to kill just about any animal anywhere and it’s at a very affordable price.

Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow Features

Mission MXB Crossbow Features

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow is one of the most durable and light-weight crossbows on the market.

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow has a lot of new features and technology. A Smart Guide cable slide helps shooters have better accuracy and allows for a smoother and easier draw. This is a great feature for those who are smaller or have a tough time pulling the bow back and we found it to be very simple and effective. Weight across the crossbow has been reduced due to newer, lightweight risers, barrels, limbs and even a new cam system in the Sniper Lite. Mission says that the bow has the center of mass moved towards the shooter’s shoulder, which improves accuracy.

Accuracy of the Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow

Mission XBow Review

The light weight of the Mission Sniper Lite crossbow makes it ideal for hunting situations.

We found the accuracy of the Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow to be awesome. We consistently grouped within an inch and it was really a pleasure to shoot. The light weight was great for carrying the bow and would be a welcome feature in the field. We don’t see how it could be an issue to hold this bow steady if you had to on a deer for several minutes.

How Quiet is the Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow?

mission crossbow case

Each Mission crossbow comes with a case to store it and travel with to hold your accessories.

Hunting requires a quiet bow and you’ll have that with the Mission MXB Sniper Lite crossbow. It shot well and we didn’t notice much noise. Obviously, there is some but it is minimal and lower than comparable bows.

How Easy is it to use the Sniper Lite Crossbow?

Mathews Crossbows

Mission by Mathews crossbows are a great choice for any crossbow hunter at any level.

Cocking a crossbow is always one of the biggest tests before purchasing it. Having a bow that is easy to cock and use is important, especially for hunters. The Sniper Lite was really easy to cock and has a Smart Guide design that alleviates pressure on the cable and cams. That makes it easier to cock and gives it a much smoother draw cycle. We cocked it from a standing and sitting position and the foothold worked well in both.

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Like any Mathews or Mission product, the MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow did not disappoint. With a starting price of only $599 MSRP, the bow won’t empty your wallet. This is really a phenomenal deal for a crossbow of this caliber and for the accuracy, Mission warranty, look and feel of this bow, you can’t beat this bargain.

Check out the full Mission Crossbow lineup on their website and find a local Mission Crossbow dealer near you so that you can pick up your Sniper Lite crossbow.

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