Don’t Head to Shore to Remove a Backpack with this Innovative Fly Fishing Gear

MindShift Gear Rotation180 Panorama Backpack Review

rotation180 Panorama backpack review

The Rotation180 backpack from MindShift Gear is an innovative pack that allows fishermen to access all of their gear without removing their backpacks mid-stream. Photo credit to Justin Hamblin.

Imagine this: You’ve gotten away for a day of fly fishing. You’re out on the water waded out, hammering fish. You’ve got a backpack on instead of a fannie pack because, let’s face it, they’re WAY more comfortable. All of a sudden it starts to rain and you’d like to grab your rain coat, but to do so, you’d have to take off your backpack and it’ll get wet, so you have to go all the way to shore. Now we know, you have the wrong backpack….

Rotation180 Panorama Backpack Review

MindShift Gear Fishing Backpack

Having a backpack that you can access without removing will save you time heading back to shore while mid-stream.

MindShift Gear has come out with a breakthrough new pack for fishing, especially fly fishing. The Rotation180 Panorama Backpack is the first backpack that allows anglers to access essential gear without having to go to shore to take it off.

  • The Gear: MindShift Gear Rotation180 Panorama Backpack
  • Price: $199
  • Where to test it?: On a stream, in the woods, hiking, camping, outdoor photography & fishing situations
  • Who’s it for?: Fishing enthusiasts, hikers, outdoor photographers
  • Where to Buy?: MindShift Gear website,  

Fly Fishing Backpack

Rotation 180 Review

This backpack looks good, is well-built and is comfortable for a full day of use.

The Rotation180 Panorama backpack can store everything you need in the water (or on a hike) like flies, water, rain gear, hats, lunch, baits and more. If you need to access any of it, you can simply rotate the lower half of the backpack to the front of your waist and your gear is right there. It’s incredibly simple.

Rotating Backpack Review

Rotation 180 Panorama Review

There is a top section and a bottom that spins around. There is ample room for fishing gear or camera gear if you’re an avid photographer.

Hikers, fisherman and outdoor photographers would love the ease of use of this pack and how well built it is. It won an award at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Show and is definitely a comfortable, good-looking pack.

Outdoor Photography Backpack

Outdoor Photography Backpack

This backpack is perfect for outdoor photographers and holds plenty of lenses and a backup camera.

I plan on using this for fishing and hiking and see no reason why it will not provide many years of hard use and comfort.

Fishing Backpack with Front Pack

Buy your own Rotation180 Panorama Backpack on the MindShift Gear site here.   You can also buy it on Amazon.

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