Store your Gear with this Camo Duffle Bag

Metal Mulisha Camo Conquer – Realtree Camo Collaboration Duffel Bag Review

Realtree Camo Duffle Bag

The padded straps and cool Realtree pattern make this duffle bag a great choice.

A high quality travel bag is a must and people who abuse their gear as much as outdoorsman know that quality is key. On top of a piece of equipment that needs to hold up, we also want it to look good and protect our stuff. In steps the Metal Mulisha camo conquer Realtree camo duffle bag. This bag will keep your gear organized and safe, while giving you the outdoor look you’re going for. 

Realtree Camo Duffle Bag Review

Metal Mulisha Duffle Bag

You can purchase the Metal Mulisha Realtree duffle bag on the link below.

The Realtree camo duffle bag collaboration on this bag truly reflects a hunter’s style. The bag is pretty big, so you can easily fit a weekends worth of clothing and shoes in it. You could also put boots, hunting equipment or firearms in the bag and you won’t have to worry about anything breaking since there is a ton of padding on it.

Camo Duffle Bag

The strap of the bag is extremely comfortable and is sure to hold up for a long time and with a heavy load. Not only does the bag give you the Realtree camo pattern and a durable, ripstop material, but it’s also got an awesome logo that vets and military enthusiasts are sure to love.

Metal Mulisha Duffle Bag

Don’t miss your chance to buy a quality Realtree camo duffle bag at a great price. You can purchase the bag here for $64.95.

Where Can I Buy a Realtree Camo Duffle Bag?

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