Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow Review

Mathews Halon Bow review

The all-new 2016 Mathews Halon is the newest bow in the Mathews lineup and is the hardest hitting flagship bow to date.

Mathews Inc. is known for their rugged, durable bows and I was really pumped to see that nothing has changed with the release of their 2016 model, the Mathews Halon. My first reaction checking out the new Halon was that it was a well-built piece of equipment and also, that it didn’t feature the “NO CAM” system that last year’s model, the NO CAM HTR bow did. While there may be cams on this bow, the new Halon is definitely a hunting tool worth checking out. See our thoughts below.

Mathews Halon Bow Speed

Mathews Halon Review

The Mathews Halon bow is a smooth shooter and a fast bow at 353 feet per second.

Speed is something that Mathews put some thought into with the 2016 Mathews Halon bow. The Halon is the hardest hitting flagship bow to ever come out of the Mathews lineup and it delivers an arrow at up to 353 feet per second. Usually when a bow is fast, you sacrifice some forgiveness and a smooth draw cycle but the Halon is surprisingly smooth and very, very accurate.

Mathews Halon Bow Models

The Mathews Halon Bow comes in three separate models, each determined by a different brace height.

Halon 5: The Halon 5 has a short brace height at 5 inches and is the fastest Mathews Halon with an IBO of 353 fps.

Halon 6: The Halon 6 has a 6 inch brace height and has an IB rating of 345 fps.

Halon 7: The Halon 7 has a 7 inch brace height and is the most forgiving bow in the Halon lineup, the IBO is 335 fps.

Each Mathews Halon bow is 30 inches axle to axle and has a let off of 75 or 85%.

Mathews Halon Bow Review

One of the new things on the Mathews Halon is the riser. Mathews built an all-new riser that is dual bridged and also built up the limbs so that they’re stronger and more rigid. The reason that they built this bow stronger than ever was to handle the new, Crosscentric cam design that debuted in the Halon. The best word that I can use to describe the Halon is that it’s a strong bow, that hits hard. You notice it immediately on the first shot.

2016 Mathews Halon Draw Cycle and Shooting

The Halon draws back very nicely. Once it’s back, you can tell that it’s rock solid. While I would definitely say that the NO CAM HTR has a smoother draw, the Halon is no slouch and feels really good. The bow feels really good in your hand and has a new grip that is very comfortable. While it’s not the lightest bow on the market, it offers no shock when shot and is deadly quiet.

Mathews Halon Forgiveness and Shootability

I don’t pretend to have perfect form or be an expert shooter, but the 2016 Mathews Halon makes it easy to hit the bullseye. As far as a hunting bow goes, the Halon fits the bill and offers supreme forgiveness, especially in the 7-inch brace height. A 30-inch axle to axle length is easy to maneuver in the stand and won’t take up much room in a tree stand or ground blind.

Halon Bow Review

Overall the Halon is a great choice for anyone looking to check out a fast, new bow. I’d definitely recommend Mathews Inc. for their durability, ruggedness and reputation.

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Read more about the Halon on the Mathews website and check out the video below.




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