Mathews Creed XS: Product Review

Mathews Creed XS Review

Mathews Creed XS

The Mathews Creed XS is a great bow that fits almost every hunter and performs when you need it to most.

I have shot Mathews bows for many years now and I am always impressed by their new bows. The quality and performance are second-to-none and they improve on their bows every year. Last year I was able to shoot the Mathews Creed as well as a couple other bows from other companies, but nothing compared to the smoothness of the Mathews. I was excited to see that this year they were able to make this bow even better! The Mathews Creed XS review shows how great of a bow this is for all hunters.  To see our full review of the Mathews Creed XS click here. You can even win a brand new bow from Mathews in our contest going on now!

Mathews Creed XS

The Creed XS has a more compact design and is a feather light 3.80 pounds. Being this light and only being 28 inches axle to axle makes this bow fantastic for maneuvering in tree stands. Producing speeds of up to 321 fps, this bow is fast but also remains extremely quiet. While there are faster bows on the market, the Creed XS still produces plenty of power for a solo cam bow. This quietness is accomplished thanks to Mathews famous harmonic dampening system which reduces vibration throughout the bow. With a brace height of 7.5 inches the Creed XS is pretty forgiving, while still being small enough to maneuver and fit many different sizes.

Mathews Creed SpecsOne thing that I really like about Mathews is the ability to customize almost every aspect of your bow. The Creed XS offers five different finishes including black, crimson, tactical desert, tactical black and the Mathews’ very own Lost Camo. Being able to control everything from grip type, damper color, string color, and bow finish Just adds to the great qualities of the Mathews Creed XS.

If you want a bow that performs up to the highest expectations, then try out the new Mathews Creed. Mathews puts out some amazing products and you can learn more on the Mathews website here.

What bow brands do you like to use? All brands are great and everyone certainly has an opinion! Let us know your favorite hunting gear.

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