Matched Set of Antlers on Different Days- User Submission

Matched Set of Antlers on Different Days

matched set of antlers

Cora was able to find the second side to the set of antlers that she had found the first one of in her grandparents backyard in Wisconsin.

You may remember from last week the young lady who had found a nice shed antler in her grandparent’s backyard in Wisconsin, well, she did it again. This time though, it was the other side to complete a matched set! You can see all of the photos below. Read about her first antler find here. 

Cora was walking in the backyard again when she was able to find the other side of the eight pointer that had been hanging out in her grandparents backyard all fall.

backyard buck shed

Cora was able to find this big buck shed while walking around in her grandparent’s backyard.

What a lucky find!

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