Mark Drury Arrows his Largest Buck Ever- A 211 inch Iowa Monster!

Mark Drury Kills a 211 Inch Iowa Buck- Bucktober

Killing big bucks year after year and killing them on video is tough to do and the DOD team with Mark Drury has been doing it for years. While putting down these monsters on video is challenging enough, putting down a 211 inch buck is nearly impossible, but Mark Drury was able to do just that yesterday on an Iowa giant he calls Bucktober. This is Mark’s largest buck killed with a bow and arrow and it’s all on video.

Mark Drury is one of the premier voices in the whitetail world and has been dubbed the “Mad Scientist” by many due to his vast deer hunting knowledge. Check out this Wired to Hunt podcast on Mark and how he predicts deer movement to learn more about his tactics and visit MorningMoss for more big buck news. 


PJ Cashman

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