Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Goods

Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Good

Deer Tackled in Dick's

A man tackled a live deer at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Reading, PA

Sometimes the day after Christmas can be as crazy of a shopping experience as Black Friday is and shoppers in Reading, Pennsylvania saw that this year when a Deer came crashing into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. An injured deer came running into the sporting goods store and was thrashing around until a man took it upon himself to take the deer down. He ran over and tackled the deer while holding it down to the ground. The deer was injured and bleeding before it ran into the store and was tackled. From the pictures, it looks like they covered up the deer’s face with some new clothes as well.

Would you be able to tackle a live deer if you were in this situation? Please send us your trophy kills or crazy animal photos so we can add them to our user submissions and Morning Moss Facebook page.

Man Tackles Deer

A Man tackled and subdued a deer in Dick’s Sporting Goods

Deer Tackled at Dicks

A deer was tackled by a shopper in Reading, PA at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store.


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