Man Skins Whitetail Deer in Under 2 Minutes

Man Skins Deer in Under 2 Minutes

Processing deer can be time consuming, unless you’re David at Peach Orchard Deer Processing in Dalzell, South Carolina. David is known as the fastest deer processor in the world and completely skins and guts this deer in one minute and 40 seconds. Watch as David shows off his knife skills.

Guy Skins Deer in 2 Minutes

I tried to find something wrong with this video like that he wasn’t saving all the meat, or that it was dangerous, but honestly, this guy is just plain good. Sure, it’s a small deer, but David is a pro who obviously has had a lot of practice.

World’s Fastest Deer Processor

I’ll keep practicing and maybe some day I’ll be able to get it done under 30 minutes…

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