Makenna’s First Doe- User Submission

Makenna’s First Doe- User Submission

Girls first deer

Makenna shot this big doe during the Wisconsin gun hunt and it was her first deer ever.

Makenna was able to shoot her first deer ever last Friday and it was a great big doe! She shot the buck in South Central Wisconsin on her family’s farm. After a little bit of a tracking job, she was able to find it with the help of her big brother Jeff and she had her first deer. The doe came out of a wooded area near the farm and Makenna was waiting in her stand. She let the doe come to about 100 yards away before she put a good shot on it and it ran off. 

Congratulations Makenna and hopefully there will be many more to come.

Make sure you send in your deer photos and other hunting pictures to us here and we’ll post them in our user submissions.

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