How to Make Deer Heart Tacos- VIDEO with Steven Rinella

How to Make Deer Heart Tacos

With many gun hunting seasons beginning this weekend or in the following weeks, we wanted to show hunters a great way to use an often overlooked part of the deer, the heart. If you are lucky enough to harvest a deer during this hunting season, make sure that you take out the heart and eat this incredibly tasty cut of meat. Deer heart can be cooked a number of ways, but this way that Steven Rinella of Meat Eater shows us looks great. Learn how to make deer heart tacos in this video. 

How to Cook Deer Heart

Steven Rinella is a very popular author and TV host of the show “Meat Eater.” He not only hunts but shows how to make amazing meals out of wild game right in the field. This particular video shows how he uses the fat from a deer to wrap a heart and then cook it on an open flame.

Check out his website here and be sure to check back on MorningMoss for more hunting videos. 

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