Take a Tom’s Head Off with the Magnus Bullhead Broadhead

Magnus Bullhead Broadhead

magnus broadhead

The large cutting diameter of the magnus bullhead broadhead is perfect for spring turkey hunting

Turkey season is right around the corner and for those of you that choose to use archery equipment, you better have been practicing your shots! If you’ve slacked a little with shooting your bow in the off season, fear not, the Magnus Bullhead Broadhead is here to save you. With one of the largest cutting diameters on the market, this broadhead is forgiving if you’re a little off this spring.

Archery hunting for turkeys is a huge challenge, so any way to make it just a little easier is usually appreciated. The Magnus Bullhead Broadhead does just that, but still requires all of the skill. The 100 grain broadhead gives you a 3-inch cutting diameter and the 125 grain head steps up to a 4-inch. Both come out of the box razor sharp and fly very true when shot out of a fast bow.

The broadhead was created for head and neck shots and boy does it ever perform. When you hit a turkey in the neck, you can take the head clean off and from most of the reviews that I’ve heard, the bird doesn’t go very far. Hunters from all corners of the U.S. have had great experiences with this broadhead and they are impressed with it’s cutting ability and the quickness of the kill.

If you are looking to step up to a better turkey hunting broadhead this spring, or want to try something new with archery for turkeys, then give the Magnus Bullhead broadhead a shot. You can purchase one here at Magnusbroadheads.com  or check out Cabelas where they retail for $39.99.

What is your weapon of choice for Spring turkeys? Let us know and learn more about turkey hunting tactics here at MorningMoss.

Here’s a video of the Magnus Broadhead in action.

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