The Ultimate “Made in America” Archery Setup

Made in the USA Bow Hunting Setup

USA Archery Setup

Buying American made products allows you to have the best and these brands are all made in the USA.

As hunter in the United States, we have an obligation to support the protection of our resources here and make sure that they are around for the next generation of hunters. In my opinion, there is no better way to do this than by purchasing American made hunting goods. American companies like the ones in the Ultimate Made in America Archery Setup support the outdoors and hunting and employ many Americans who use their hard earned money to improve our economy and the outdoors. Check out the best bow hunting package money can buy.

Best USA Made Bow: Mathews NO CAM HTR

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

The revolutionary Mathews NO CAM HTR is a bow with no cams and is one of the smoothest drawing bows ever shot.

The Mathews NO CAM HTR is one of the latest and greatest archery models on the market this year. It not only is insanely accurate and fast, but is revolutionary in the hunting industry due to the fact that it has no cams on the bow. The technology in this bow is incredible and gives arrows better flight and accuracy. Learn more about the NO CAM HTR by reading the full Mathews NO CAM HTR Review here.

Best USA Made Bow Sight: HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra

HHA Optimizer Lite Review

HHA’s single pin sights are very bright and allow a hunter to focus on one target easily and quickly adjust yardages.

Similar to a gun, a great bow is only as good as the sight that it has on it and we’ve found the best single pin on the market from HHA. The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra is a single pin sight that allows hunters to sight in the bow at set yardages and it’ll automatically be accurate at further ranges. The site has six feet of optic fiber in it and is one of the brightest sites ever. You can also add a light to the site for blind hunting. Check out all of the details on the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra review and buy it on Amazon here. 

Best USA Made Archery Rest: QAD Ultra Rest HD

QAD Drop Away Rest

The QAD Drop Away Rest is one of the best drop-away rests on the market, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in America.

Drop away rests are the best rests for accuracy and speed from a bow. The QAD Ultra Rest HD is a drop away that easily attaches to your bow and allows you to take advantage of the best accuracy. This rest has a thumb wheel so you can push up to get the arrow in place and the rest is very sturdy when you’re in the set position for shooting. You can read more about this rest on our QAD Ultra Rest HD review and purchase yours at this archery shop or on Amazon here.


USA Bow Hunting

Mathews Inc, QAD rests and HHA sights are some of the best products on the market.

QAD and HHA offer lifetime warranties on their products, which is another great reason to purchase from them. Mathews has been building the best bows in the world for a long time and their quality speaks for themselves.

Check out and support these great Made in USA Archery products and let us know what your new setup will be.

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