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Lone Wolf Climbing Stand


What makes a good tree stand? Qualities such as being quiet, lightweight, and portableare just a few of the things that come to my mind when purchasing a new stand. Lone Wolf Portable Tree Stands offer all of these qualities and then some. 

I have owned a Lone Wolf Climbing Stand for about 8 years now and it is the one thing, other than my bow, that I will not go into the woods without. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it one of the lightest stands on the market. It is, in my opinion, the easiest stand to bring into the woods and set up quickly and quietly. Climbers give you the option to set up in nearly any tree you want without worrying about noisy climbing sticks and added weight.

Lone Wolf Climbing Stand Review


Another great feature about Lone Wolf climbing stands are their comfortable seats, which make sitting all day a breeze. The foam seat fits around your body making it seem like you are sitting in a lazy boy back at home. After 8 years I still have my original seat and it is as comfortable as the day I bought it. Even if your seat would wear out, Lone Wolf allows you to buy parts for your stands, like the seat so you don’t need an entirely new stand.

With a platform that offers acres of room, you will feel comfortable standing up for any shoot and be confident in the stand’s strong material. When you pick a tree stand you want something strong and durable. You want a stand that won’t let you down when you’re 20+ feet up in the air.

Lone Wolf is one product that I will never stray away from and will always be my first choice for tree stands. Their products have the recipe for success and you will not be disappointed! Get the scoop on the latest hunter gear here on our site.

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