Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand is the newest hang on stand from Lone Wolf and is affordably priced

Lone wolf has been the choice of many hard core whitetail deer hunters for years, but many people have not been able to get into these lightweight, portable stands due to the higher cost. This year, Lone Wolf has come out with a new stand, the Lone Wolf Alph Tech F1 Tree Stand that is much different than the tree stands of the past 20 years.

Lone Wolf relies on cast aluminum platforms as part of their design. This makes the stand extremely strong, and lightweight. The Alpha Tech F1 stand though is different and comes without that feature. Don’t worry Lone Wolf fans, the stand still comes with many of the features you’d expect to have.

Alpha Tech F1

Lone Wolf continues to produce high quality products for hard core whitetail hunters

Lone Wolf describes the stand as “feature packed and affordably priced,” and while we see that they do come with some great features, such as the self leveling mechanism, the versabutton and straps, the adjustable seat and handy backpacking straps, the price is still higher than most on the market. The Alpha Tech F1 from Lone Wolf also comes with a thicker seat cushion, that will for sure be appreciated by many hunters.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Hang on Stand Review

The Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 tree stand comes in at just under 14 lbs, and has a 30″ x 19.5″ platform. All said and done Lone Wolf will be selling this new stand for $210.

The stand is still fairly expensive, but you get what you pay for and Lone Wolf has been proving for years that they have a quality product. Check out the Lone Wolf Website Here.

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