Locked Buck Rescued from River- Video

Locked Buck Rescued from River

When the younger man in this video got a call from his dad to come help him rescue a buck that was locked up to a dead buck in a river, he wasn’t sure what to think. What you’ll see from this video though, is a grave situation that if the two men didn’t help the deer, it would have died. Check out how they managed to free the bigger buck from the dead one.

Locked Bucks on Video

Click to 7:27 seconds if you don’t want to watch the whole scene of these guys paddling around in a john boat trying to grab and saw the antlers. Eventually, the buck grew tired and they had to hold it’s head above water to keep it from drawing and were able to saw part of the antler off.

I’ve seen plenty of photos of people finding dead bucks and a few times where they were able to free them, but this is definitely a unique case in a river.

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