Living Country TV Show a Major Hit for Outdoorsman

Living Country TV Show a Major Hit for Outdoorsman

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I’m sure many of you guys are familiar with the TV channel HGTV thanks to your wives/girlfriends, but what you may not know is the launch of their new show, Living Country. Living Country is a show put on by Whitetail Properties and they assist people in finding the perfect hunting ground. They give the people two to three options on land that they think will best suit their needs and then it’s up to them to show them around the properties.


The land and homes can be anything from just pure land for hunting to luxurious log cabins and ponds for fishing as well. Most of the show is based in the Midwest and land prices vary according to the budget of the buyers. I find it pretty cool that they go through many details including looking at rubs, trails, stand locations, food plots, etc. Everyone dreams of owning their own land for hunting and it is pretty cool to see people go through the process of finding what best fits their needs.

The show is pretty new and has only had a few episodes so far but I see a bright future for this program because it keeps the viewer interested. You never know what the buyer is going to pick and it is fun to pick which plot of land you would buy if you were in their shoes. I’m not going to lie, the show is pretty addicting so far and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer next.


The show usually airs during the middle of the day, around 1 p.m. central and is a back to back episode series. Many people are working during that time, but it’s definitely worth recording. The Whitetail Properties Twitter account is very good about telling you when shows are coming up and interacting with the viewers.

Let us know what you think of the show and tell us your other favorite TV shows in the comments below. Make sure to send in your favorite hunting and fishing spots and we’ll post them on the site.

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