What Works Better for Fishing: Live Bait or Artificial Lures?

Is Live Bait or Artificial Lures Better For Fishing?

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The truth is that both bait and lures have their place in any angler’s arsenal. The question really comes down to which is going to catch the most fish, and under what conditions?

Live Bait vs. Lures

Why Bait?

It’s cost-effective, sustainable, and enjoyed by a variety of fish species. Bait’s going to produce superior results at night, when in discolored water, or when it’s cold.

On the flip side, catching bait can cause (smelly) challenges, and so can keeping it fresh. Because it’s enjoyed by a variety of species you’ll often end up with a surprise at the end of your line; not always for the better.

Do Lures Work Better than Live Bait?

Why Lure?

It’s a much safer practice for recreational catch-and-release and will make for a more dynamic chase. Plus, collecting lures can become a hobby in itself! Choose lures in warm, clear water, for aggressive fish and in catch-and-release fisheries.

Bait Vs. Fishing Lures

However, a good lure can cost you, making for a sad loss when one gets lost or snagged while casting. Lure fishing is also a more engaged process and can require a heightened degree of focus – for better or worse!

What Works Better, Lures or Live Bait?

The answer is simple: which will work best depends on the circumstances surrounding your time on the water. But we all have our preference. Which works for you?”

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