Light Up the Night with this Olympia Lantern

Olympia WD180 Lantern Review

Olympia d180 lantern review

Whether you’re at home or in the back country, this small lantern from Olympia Outdoors is the tool for the job.

Camping and being in remote areas can cause a need for some light and there’s no better way to see what you’re doing than by using the Olympia WD180 lantern. It’s got tons of uses and is easy to use and bright enough for any activity. We found that hanging this lantern in a tent is a great way to easily see what you’re doing and the clip light that’s built in makes this simple. Check out the full Olympia WD180 review below.

Olympia Outdoors Lantern

Whether you’re out in the back country or you’re needing some extra light at home, the Olympia lantern is the tool for you. While it’s small and compact, the output is big, 180 lumens. This lantern is also extremely easy to charge and comes with a micro USB cable and a built in charging port.

Olympia Lantern Review

Rain or snow, this lantern will be ready. It’s waterproof around the entire lantern so you don’t need to worry about any water getting in and ruining your light. There is even a 2 year warranty. The light lasts up to 90 hours on low, 12 hours on medium and 6.5 hours on high, so you’ll have lots of light to use.

Olympia WD180 Lantern

You can buy the Olympia WD180 lantern on Amazon here or on the Olympia Outdoors website for $29.99 here.

If you need a great flashlight too, check out the Olympia RG850 flashlight.


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