Last Minute Tips to Ensure a Better Bow Season

Last Minute Tips to Ensure a Better Bow Season

Last Minute Tips to Ensure a Better Bow Season

Last minute tips to help make your hunting season a success

Archery season is almost here and with it fast approaching, there is plenty to be excited about. The thoughts of being perched high up in a stand with the perfect wind is already giving me the chills and I can’t wait for that crisp fall air to arrive. With that being said we can not get too ahead of ourselves and make a simple mistake that could cost us our season.


Keep Pressure at a Minimum

One main rule that must not be broken this time of the year is pressure. During the early summer months it is easier to get away with intruding a whitetail’s area without them getting too bent out of shape about it, but now things are starting to change. Bucks are starting to shed their velvet and they are also becoming more wary of an intruders prescience.

Don’t Check Trail Cameras too Often

Trail cameras are both a blessing and a curse. They allow us to see animals we may have never known about, but they can also spook deer out of our areas for good. One pointer to keep pressure down on the bucks you are hunting is to not check your trial cameras on a frequent basis. I know I may sound like a broken record, but a mature buck easily catches on and it’s hard for them to forget when they feel threatened. By now you should have the majority of your top bucks identified and probably won’t have anything new move in till you get closer to the rut. A safe time frame to check your cameras would be about every 2-3 weeks and it should be an in and out quick card swap. Checking during or right before a hard rain can also wash some of your scent away.


Bow Hunting Tips

Don’t check your trail cameras too often or you may ward off a big buck in the area.

Stands Set or Trees Picked Out

Most of your stands should be set up by now as well. There are some exceptions once the leaves begin to fall, or you are hunting a first time set, but you have to remember the season is a marathon not a sprint so don’t get to antsy to be moving around stands after the first uneventful sit. If you have bucks present, give them some time and make minor adjustments until you know that things just aren’t going to happen with your current set up. If you carry a stand in and set up, know a good tree to hang it on to save time during the hunting season.

Mentally Prepare

Hunting Tips

Last minute tips to help make your hunting season a success

Another mistake some hunters tend to make is expecting to kill their top buck on their first sit. By having expectations like this you might be setting yourself up for a mental break down and leaving you constantly doubting yourself for the rest of the season. Be patient and things will be more likely to come together for you in the long run. Be confident in your plans and make sure to fine-tune your shooting skills.

I hope some of these hunting tips can help you this upcoming season and best of luck to all you bow hunters out there!

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