Large Hammerhead Destroys Stingray next to Swimmers- VIDEO

Large Hammerhead Destroys Stingray next to Swimmers- VIDEO

This large hammerhead shark got a tasty snack and was a little too close to comfort for the swimmers near it. The giant shark was chasing a stingray to eat while some residents on the 19th floor of  a hotel overlooking the ocean screamed at them that a shark was coming for them. The Destin, Florida swimmers had no idea the hammerhead shark was nearby until it came out of the water to attack the stingray and startled them. Click through to see the attack.

Shark Attack Destin Florida Video

While the shark ultimately got it’s meal, the people definitely were startled. This shark posed no threat to them and came close to the beach for one reason, the stingray. It does go to show you though how shallow of water these fish can swim into.

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