Land O’ Lakes Musky- User Submission

Land O’ Lakes Musky- User Submission

Land O Lakes Musky

Drew Minnig caught this musky while fishing in some cold, rough weather this past weekend in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin

Drew Minnig and his friend Dan braved the cold and windy weather this past weekend to try to catch some giant muskies in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. They managed a couple including this nice fish pictured above with Drew. The weather did not cooperate and it was 35 degrees, snowing with 25 mile per hour winds. Way to stick it out and get a fish!

Drew has made it very clear that they worked their tails off for this musky in sub-zero temperatures. The crew also had another larger fish right at the boat that they caught on a sucker, but it got off before they could haul it in. Make sure to send your fishing photos to us by clicking here and we’ll post them up on the site!

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