Massive 244 Inch Buck Shot in Iowa

23 Point, 244 Inch Buck Shot in Iowa

244 inch iowa buck

Kyle Falck arrowed this giant 244 inch, 23 point monster on Monday, November 10, 2014. Photo by Tyler Rinken Photography

It’s big buck season and there are some monsters dropping all over the country. If you scroll through your social media news feeds, you’re sure to see some huge deer that have been killed, including this giant from Iowa. When Kyle Falck shot this huge deer, it quickly went viral and rightfully so. The massive buck sports 23 points and 244 inches and he has some amazing photos to go with it. Find out more about this 23 point 244 inch Iowa buck below. 

244 Inch Iowa Buck Killed

Kyle Falck buck

The Kyle Falck buck is a huge 23 point Iowa whitetail that has 244 inches of bone. Photo by Tyler Rinken Photography

Falck was able to kill this big deer with his bow near Decorah, Iowa. After shooting the deer, Kyle had a photographer, Tyler Rinken Photography, some with him to take some great pictures and record the moments. Tyler shared some of the pictures online and they quickly took off like any 244 inch, 23 point buck would.

Kyle Falck Buck

iowa 244 inch buck

This is Kyle Falck’s buck as it was found after the shot. Photo by Tyler Rinken Photography

Kyle was hunting this deer throughout the season and had several trail camera photos of the buck. He had hung a stand the day before he shot the buck (Sunday) with some friends and the buck actually walked by him at 10 yards, but nobody had a bow!

Massive Iowa Buck Shot 2014

Giant Iowa Deer

Photo by Tyler Rinken Photography

Kyle shot the buck with a Mathews Chill at 10 yards and the deer didn’t even make it 50 yards before piling up in some thick brush. Kyle even had the local DNR come with to recover the deer due to the size, which is great thinking!

Amazing Deer Hunting Photos

Tyler Rinken Photography posted on his Facebook page a very thoughtful message about helping Kyle find this buck:

23 Point Iowa Buck Killed

Kyle Falck Iowa

Pictured is Kyle Falck and his girlfriend with his big Iowa buck. Photo by Tyler Rinken Photography

“I am still lost for words at what I experienced today. Incredibly luckily to have been asked to join the ride. Today I witnessed something unbelievably amazing that sport of hunting has to offer. Thank you Kyle for asking me to take photos and help track the buck. An awfully special moment, lucky to have been involved! 244 inches of pure amazement!”

Congratulations Kyle and what an awesome buck and hunt.

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