Kenu Highline for iPhone Review

Kenu Highline for iPhone

Kenu Highline for IPhone

The Kenu Highline phone case for iPhones is a great case that will keep your device secure while enjoying the outdoors.

Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and most other outdoor activities require physical exertion in rugged areas. One problem that I’ve had in the past is losing my phone, or getting it wet. Phones are not cheap any more and a durable case is worth the cost. Luckily there are cases like this one from Kenu that make it easy to keep your phone secure and safe while enjoying the outdoors. The Kenu Highline for iPhone review shows how you can keep your device intact.

The Kenu Highline phone case has a leash that attaches to you so that you will not lose your phone. I’ve found this really handy while skiing, hiking and pheasant hunting. I’ve lost several phones and damaged more doing these activities but with the Kenu Highline, this will not happen.

Check out some more notes on this awesome, durable phone case.

Clever case and leash system provides safety and security while capturing life’s adventures

  • Leash solution keeps iPhone safe from accidental drops, absent-mindedness and even deters theft
  • Ideal  for taking photos and videos while on skiing, fishing, traveling, rock climbing or any other adventure
  • UV coated, crystal clear snap-on case made of tough polycarbonate and protective rim for maximum protection against drops, scratches and scuffs
  • Proprietary Lightning Lock™ system plugs safely into iPhone’s lightning port, while locking to a tiny notch in the case to create a simple, yet secure connection
  • Braided, Kevlar reinforced elastic coil leash goes from pocket to fully extended in moments
  • Abrasion-resistant Kevlar extends into a loop featuring a tough, thin design to easily wrap around zippers, belt loops, stroller straps, purse-handles, d-rings, carbineers and more
  • Available in black/orange for iPhone 6 and black/green for 6 Plus

You can buy your case on the Kenu website starting at $29.99.

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