Kayak Fisherman Catches Monster in Florida


A man in a kayak — who could have just as easily been standing (securely) on the walkway RIGHT BY HIM — hooked quite the fatty!  

The YouTube description is in Russian.  I ran it through the ol’ Google Translator and discovered these details:

John Blake catches bottom fish largest ever of kayaking in Sanibel Florida . He's trying to catch the giant sea perch Goliath. This fish was the size of 210 cm in length and more than 185 cm in circumference and weighing about 250 kg

Eric Giroux

I grew up with a small 2-acre pond in my parents' backyard. I fish by tying fishing line, hook, and bait to an empty water bottle and tossing it out on the water. I then sit on the dock and drink beer and wait for the bottle to get dragged around by some catfish, and proceed to chase it around in the paddle boat.

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