Get Clean Water Anywhere with this Portable Water Filter from Katadyn

Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter Review

katadyn water filter review

Katadyn’s line of gravity water filters include the gravity camp 6 liter water filter that can quickly filter water with minimal effort.

Back country hunts, fishing trips and hikes can be challenging, but a lack of clean water is the worst thing that can possibly happen. Luckily, all we have to do when we need water now is fill the bag, hook up the tube and hang it from a tree and we’ve got it with the Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L water filter. In less than five minutes, you can have clean water and all you have to do is hang a bag of water from a tree branch.

Katadyn Gravity Water Filter Review

katadyn gravity camp water filter review

Simply hang your filter on a branch and let gravity do the work.

While other water filter devices force you to pump or boil water, the Katadyn Gravity Camp water filter uses gravity to force the water through a filter and does it very quickly. This particular model that is new for Katadyn quickly filters up to 6 liters of water that you fill from a lake or stream. You can then drink it or use a tube to hook it up to your CamelBack bladder.

  • The Gear: Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter
  • Price: $89
  • Where to test it?: Back country hunts and hikes
  • Who’s it for?: Backpackers, Hikers, Hunters and Fishermen
  • Where to Buy?: Katadyn website or

Katadyn Gravity Camp Water Filter Review

katadyn water filter Review

Try the Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Liter Water Filter and see why it’s the easiest filter to use in the wild.

Katadyn was the first company to make gravity water filters. They are much easier and convenient to use and require minimal amounts of effort. The .2 micron filter that Katadyn uses eliminates protozoa and bacteria so you’re sure not to get sick.

Katadyn Gravity Water Filter

At 11 ounces empty and only $89.99, this water filter is a deal and is a great addition to hunters and hiker’s packs. We recommend using them on back country trips, even as just a safety item in case of an emergency.

Gravity Water Filter Reviews

Being thirsty with no water sucks, so don’t put yourself in that position ever again when you’re out in the mountains or woods.

You can but the Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 liter water filter on their website here, or on Amazon here.

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