Jerk Fisherman Kills Muskie & Calls it Worthless Fish – VIDEO

Anglers See Fisherman Kill Muskie & Call him Out on It

These two fisherman were fishing on the Detroit River when they witnessed and filmed another fisherman, Eddie Parent, on another boat catch and kill a muskie. The two fisherman, Mike Cowley and Dan Alexander were sport fishing for muskies and were beyond pissed, and rightfully so. They headed over to talk to Parent about killing the fish and you can see from the video what transpired from the idiot fisherman.

Stupid Fisherman Kills Muskie and Throws it in Water

Alexander and Cowley fish for muskies a lot and when they saw Parent bludgeon a muskie that he caught with a fishing club they headed over and filmed him. Parent showed no remorse for killing the 38 inch fish (the size limit is 44 inches on that river) and he said that while killing the fish is illegal, “so is smoking pot and everybody does that.”

Fisherman Kills Muskie & Tosses It

Obviously, this guy is a complete moron. He thinks that since muskie kill the fish he enjoys fishing for, that he can kill every one. I think that someone needs to explain the circle of life to this guy, or at least get him some etiquette and common sense. Hopefully since the video has gone around, he’ll at least get some sort of fine.

Check out the close up of his face and boat license and share it so that others can check out the stupidity of one fisherman.

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