JBL Clip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

JBL Clip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip Bluetooth wireless speaker review showed that it’s the perfect speaker for outdoor enthusiasts

Camping, Fishing & Everything Outdoors Speaker

We’ve all been there. That time where you’re in a boat, near a campfire, hiking or just hanging out and you want to rock out to some tunes without headphones. You know the times. Well, now there is an efficient way to do active activities without a set of headphones, with the JBL Clip wireless Bluetooth speaker. The electronics company really outdid themselves with a simple, clean and easy to use speaker for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Clip On Wireless Speaker

Clip on Wireless Speaker

The clip on bluetooth wireless speaker is easy to use and is great for hiking and outdoor activities

The JBL Clip wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any outdoorsman’s arsenal of technological products. I absolutely love this thing and so far have used it on a boat, at a gathering near a lake with friends and hiking. The “clip” part of the speaker is a clip similar to that of a carabiner that you can hook right onto your belt loop, backpack, chair, or any other accessory that you can loop something onto. It’s extremely handy and stays firmly in place.

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker Size

Small Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL clip is about 3.5 inches wide and is very light

I don’t want to bore you with a ton of technical details, so let’s just get to the important stuff. The JBL Clip wireless speaker is about 3.5 inches long and weighs next to nothing. You can fit it in your pocket and if it’s clipped onto your belt of pack, you’re not going to notice it’s there. Like I said before, I used it hiking and was able to listen to music, bump it around on trees and even dropped it and it didnt scratch, dent or break. So far, I’ve found it to be very durable.

Durable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Clip

The Clip bluetooth speaker conveniently hooks onto anything and will handle bumps and drops with the rubber coating on the back

The JBL Clip has an auxiliary cord so that you can plug it into your phone, or use it wirelessly with Bluetooth capabilities. The buttons are flat with the side of the speaker and consist of a bluetooth button, power and volume. They work seamlessly and a small blue light lets you know when it turns on and off. To charge the speaker, you simply plug it into our computer or a USB port and in a short amount of time (around 30 minutes) it’s at full charge.

Wireless Speaker for Hiking

Hiking Speaker

The JBL Clip is the perfect speaker for hiking, fishing and camping

The wireless speaker was plenty loud for me and lasted over two hours on a full charge. I feel like this is pretty good and is much longer than other wireless speakers that I’ve used in the past. I’ve got the red Clip speaker and I love the color, plus the look is nice and clean. Another handy feature is that the speaker allows for speakerphone capabilities, so you can answer calls while listening to music off of your phone or other device.

Affordable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

If you’re in the market for a wireless bluetooth speaker, check out the Clip. For active outdoor people, it doesn’t get much better than this and will surely service all of your needs. I’m expecting to find more and more ways to use this in the future, but right now it’s perfect to pack for a day hike, fishing and I can imagine any kind or lake or boating event. Charging in your car with your USB port is fast and easy too.

You can get your JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker for $49.95 on their website here.

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