Jackson County, Wisconsin Elk Arrive

Wisconsin Black River Forest Elk Herd Arrives

WI Elk from Kentucky

Wisconsin has agreed to a deal that will send 150 elk from Kentucky to Wisconsin over the next 3 years. Photo courtesy of WI DNR elk in Clam Lake, WI

Residents and visitors to Jackson County and the Black River State Forest may see some exceptionally large “deer” roaming around this fall. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have moved 28 elk from Kentucky to Jackson County in the first phase of their plan to help establish a second herd in the state in addition to the Ashland County herd. 

Jackson County WI Elk Herd

Spokesman for the DNR, Bill Cosh, said that the elk arrived in late March and that they had already completed a 45 day quarantine in Kentucky before they were moved. Now the elk will need to stay in an acclimation pen in the Black River State Forest for at least 75 days before they are released.

Wisconsin Elk From Kentucky

Ultimately, the DNR plans to bring 150 Kentucky elk to the Black River State Forest over the next two years. This will become the Jackson County herd.

WI Elk Herd History

Wisconsin has had a rough go with the herd in Ashland County. There have been many killed by vehicle collisions, wolves and natural causes and it has never taken off. Hopefully, this new herd will grow and some day we can see a small elk hunt in the state similar to what takes place in Michigan.

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