Jackrabbits Invade Fargo ND

Jackrabbits Invade Fargo ND

When you think of pests in your backyard, rabbits aren’t normally the first thing to come to mind. Big, jackrabbits are definitely at the top of that list. Fargo, North Dakota residents however have this very issue and they’re getting fed up with it.

Jackrabbits Invade ND

These jackrabbits who at first were thought of as cute visitors have decided to winter in the city’s suburban developments and have destroyed tons of shrubs and left lots of damage behind.

Fargo, ND Rabbit Problem

“Right away, I thought they were really cute, and now they’re becoming a big nuisance,” said resident Kayla Straabe in a WTHR story. “Every day, I feel like the crazy rabbit lady chasing them out of the yard, where they’re having a heyday.”

Fargo, ND Rabbits

Jackrabbits weigh about 7 pounds and can eat a lot of plant life. The city can not do anything about them though since they are wild animals. City officials have said that concerned residents need to start a formal proposal to eliminate them.

We all know the saying “(Breed) like rabbits,” so I’m thinking that this rabbit problem may get a lot worse before it gets better.

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