Dumb Shark Stunt Nearly Makes Aussie Dinner

Jackass Shark Stunt Goes Wrong

Sometimes people do dumb shit and this is a perfect example of that. A group of Australian guys decided to make their own rendition of the popular American show “Jackass” and it nearly ended up being a show of “MeatEater”. One of the guys put some meat around a bird cage and put the cage on his head before jumping into some shark infested waters. A Tiger shark found them and came in for a closer look. The guy had enough sense to throw the cage off before the shark circled for a second time, but the cage was only in the water for a second before the shark clobbered it. The Jackass shark stunt gone wrong almost made this guy shark dinner.

Man Almost Eaten by Shark

Check out the video to see the shark attack the cage and hit the lucky (or dumb) swimmer next to it. Apparently, the guy’s wife is so pissed she isn’t speaking to him.

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